Practice Test 16

Every country has poor people and every country has different ways of dealing with the poor. What are some of the reasons for poverty? What can be done to help the poor?


Essay type

Cause and solution essay


  • State your answer to both the questions.
  • Begin with a general idea that takes into account the key topic words (a definition of poor people). Then include a thesis statement.


  • Paragraph 1: Address the first question. The primary cause of poverty is war. Then, suggest a solution; peaceful negotiation by the world leaders. Other causes of poverty: overpopulation and underdevelopment, unemployment and natural disasters:
  • Paragraph 2: Mention solutions: aid from developed countries, economic development and birth control policies


  • Summarize the answers for both the questions.

Sample Answer

Every country, no matter how affluent, has poor people. They can be described as those lacking in goods and services to the point where their lives become miserable. They may lack food and shelter and services such as health care and education. This article will examine the leading causes of poverty and suggest some possible solutions.

The primary cause of poverty has always been war. The recent war in Afghanistan saw people evicted from their homes, deprived of food and shelter, and services such as hospitals, schools, gas, water and electricity. Media coverage of the war caused worldwide revulsion. Some countries, such as India and China, have the problems of overpopulation and underdevelopment. They do not create enough wealth per capita for their people to escape from poverty. Other countries are facing problems of unemployment and natural disasters.

The solution to war may be universal rejection that the world leaders will not consider it as an option and seek peaceful negotiation instead. Overpopulation can be addressed by adopting effective measures to reduce their birth rate and by developing their resources. The possible solutions to deal with natural disasters is to get massive aid from the rest of the word. In contrast, for countries like China and India, the best solutions lie in the development of their national economy.

In conclusion, poverty can be attributed to the frequent occurrences of war, natural disasters, overpopulation, unemployment and underdevelopment. The possible solutions are peaceful negotiations, asking for aid from developed countries, implementing birth control measures and improving the economy.


  • Affluent
  • Miserable
  • Evicted from their homes
  • Deprived of food and shelter
  • Universal rejection
  • Seek peaceful negotiation
  • Overpopulation
  • The implementation of birth control policies.

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