Practice Test 14

Some people say part-time jobs are useful for full-time students because they not only earn money but also gain career experience. Do you agree or disagree?


Essay type

Opinion Essay


State your opinion clearly. (whether you agree or disagree?) (Briefly outline what you are going to explain in the body paragraphs)


Paragraph 1: The first obvious advantage is that work can bring money. Agree that it is a boon to poor families and can improve financial position.

Paragraph 2: Moreover, a part-time job can help prepare a person for the real world of work. Agree that it is a step out of the ivory tower.

Paragraph 3: However, it should be borne in mind that the primary purpose of university study is to learn, and a student who also works may be unable to devote himself or herself sufficiently to him or her study. Disagree that it can cause negative effects on study. Provide counter-argument with justifications


Restate your argument or side.

Sample Essay

Nowadays, it is common for students at university or college to work part-time to supplement their expenses or gain some work experience. In my opinion, it is advantageous to students in many ways.

The first obvious advantage is that work can bring in money. In many countries, students are independent of their families, or their parents are not wealthy enough to afford their education. Therefore, a part-time job can significantly improve the financial position of a student. It may be an essential factor in continuing studies. For example, in Britain, the tuition fees have increased a lot in recent years, which has kept some of the intelligent but needy students from concentrating on their study as they are often in debt and a severe shortage of financial support. So, if they want to pursue their desired course, many students have no choice but to work in addition to their academic duties.

Moreover, a part-time job can help prepare a person for the real world of work, a step out of the ivory tower. Recently, many employers complain that new workers do not appreciate the needs of the business, nor do they apply their theoretical study to practice. But some work experience gained during study can help when joining work. My own experience is an excellent example in this case. Thanks to my experience of working as a part-time computer programmer, I was able to adjust to full-time work responsibilities in an IT company after graduation.

Eventhough, it is said the primary purpose of university study is to concentrate on academics, practical knowledge cannot be taken for granted and must not be overlooked.

But, in my opinion, taking up a part-time job while studying is advantageous for the student in many ways.

Band 9 Sample Essay

The growing population has exacerbated the stiffness of the competition these days. Owing to this, the means of survival has made the livelihood onerous for the people. To assuage the same, students have started resorting to part-time jobs to provide for themselves. I consider it as a positive impact and in the forthcoming paragraphs, I shall be putting forth the reasoning for that.

The first positive aspect of this is to earn some money to get going with the daily life activities. Many students and young age people due to various factors like family problems, cultural differences, so on and so forth, are somehow reduced to live all by themselves. In such a scenario, it becomes all the way more essential for them to start earning to comfortably continue with their endeavours. Also, part-time employment helps them in channelling their acquired theoretical knowledge into the practical domain. People who start earning from a younger age, typically while being a student fosters within them a sense of responsibility and providential expenditure of the money. At times, due to increasing life expectancies of humans, the adult sole-bread earners tend to get overburdened by the responsibilities, and therefore, students who earn themselves tend to palliate being a liability over the elders.

Moreover, it gives a considerable experience for the students to get to terms with the definitions of corporate work environment and make them competent of the future job perspectives. As is said, people who start working at a younger age tend to not only secure their future for the later stages of their life but it also tends to foster them in getting better career options and stature in the society. In addition to that, it gives them enough options to skim through and select the ones they find themselves most apposite for.

Some people contend that while studying, students should only accentuate their studies and education, however, I feel it’s the best practice for students to go find employment especially, in their relevant field of studies for the understanding and implementation of knowledge that they acquire while still being in a college.

To summarize, it could thus be stated that the positive notes of students working as a part-time employee is extremely beneficial and necessary for their life ahead.


  • Afford their education
  • The financial position
  • An alarming rate
  • At the cost of underachieving

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