Practice Test 1 Answers


Section 1

1. 435
2. Kitchen
3. Washing machine
4. Inconvenient
5. TV and VCR
6. Washbasin
7. Noisy
8. Lamp
9. Evening meals
10. Bathroom


Section 2

11. Waterproof
12. Building
13. Overfill
14. Heavy
15. Plastic
16. Open
17. 4 weeks
18. Traffic
19. Businesses
20. Stones

Section 3

21. Note system
22. Scientific research
23. Scientific journals
24. Information from the Internet
25. Double-space
26. Italics
27. Typed
28. Top right
29. 3.25
30. ID number


Section 4

31. Safe and reliable
32. Scarce
33. Washing
34. Lakes and dams
35. Air pollution
36. Pure and safe
37. Contamination
38. Drinking
39. A
40. B

Reading Answers

Reading Passage 1

Questions 1-5

1 E. The paragraph is about the fact that parameters help our minds to be creative.
2 C. The answer lies in the key phrases: … keeping creative ability in check (in the first sentence) and Such limitations are needed so that once they are learned, they can be broken (the last sentence of the paragraph). The focus sentence is a combina­tion of these two ideas. Note how the word yet divides the paragraph. It indicates the focus of the paragraph against the background in the first part. It also marks the division of Information In the whole passage.
3 A. The writer wrote the paragraph to show that habits limit our creativity and the habits we need to survive to play a role in this limitation.
4 D. The theme of the paragraph is how creativity works.
5 B, The paragraph deals with how parameters help the mind to be creative.

Questions 6-10

6 C. The answer is in the first line of the passage: It is a myth that creative people are born with their talents. Here, it is a myth = are not.
7 C, The answer is In paragraph A. The actual words are not in the paragraph, but the meaning is clear. A is not correct, because this is a myth; B is not correct, because the passage states that when we try to be creative, our automatic response takes over. D is not correct, because the well-trodden paths prevent creativity. Compare number 13 below.
8 A. The answer is in paragraph B: Unfortunately, mankind’s very struggle for survival has become a tyranny. The answer paraphrases this statement. A is not cor­rect, because the passage says the struggle has become, i.e. is tyranny, not that it is becoming so; B is not correct, because cholesterol is not mentioned in relationship to the brain, but the mind, C is incorrect, because it is the mind which is circumscribed.
9 A. The answer is in paragraph C: a continuous process of restrictions, which is increasing exponentially with the advancement of technology. The statement Is a paraphrase of this section. Note B and C are the same; it is, therefore, not possible to have either of these two alternatives as your answer. Watch out for this feature In multiple-choice questions.
10 D. The answer is in paragraph C: Is it surprising then that creative ability appears to be so rare. This is a question and has the same meaning as the statement given, i.e. It is not surprising. Note C is not possible, because the passage doesn’t indicate whether the rarity is increasing or decreasing.

Questions 11-14

11 Yes. The answer is at the beginning of paragraph D: … and one that recognizes that rules and regulations are parameters…
12 Not Given. There is no reference to this statement in the passage.
13 Yes. The answer is in paragraph D: The difficulty in this exercise and with creation itself, is convincing people that creation is possible. The answer is a paraphrase of this part of the text. Compare number 7 above,
14 Yes. The answer is at the end of paragraph D: leaving the safety of one’s thought patterns is very much akin to madness; akin to – like.

Reading Passage 2

Question 15-18

15 B. The answer is in the first paragraph.
16 B. Those buildings which used to allow free access to employees and other users (buildings such as offices, schools, colleges or hospitals) now do not.
17 A. Those buildings which used to allow free access to employees and other users (buildings such as offices, schools, colleges or hospitals) now do not.
18 D. It says in the text, ‘these buildings are divided into ‘secure zones’ which often have all the trappings of combination locks and burglar alarms. ‘

Questions 19-24

19 Solved, Although the word combat appears In the original, it does not fit here grammatically. The past participle is needed. Note overcame Is the Simple Past, not the Past Participle.
20 computers. The plural is needed here.
21 other people.
22 cut-off. The word isolating does not fit grammatically. You need an adjec­tive made from the past participle of the verb. Compare to 20 above.
23 team-work.
24 decrease in.

Questions 25-27

25 touch-tone systems
26 electronic presence
27 no longer geographical

Reading Passage 3

Questions 28-32

28 E
29 C
30 A
31 D
32 B

Questions 33-38

33 Not given.
34 YES. It says in the passage, ‘Ruined and forlorn its aspect may­be yet, in the haunting Celtic twilight of the long summer evenings, it is redolent of another age, another dream.’
35 YES. It says in the passage, ‘Girona, from the Spanish Armada went down one dark October night in 1588 on its way to Scotland, of the 1500-odd men on board, nine survived.’
36 YES. It says in the passage, ‘But it is certainly well worth a visit.’
37 YES. It says in the passage, ‘The last lingering moments of the twilight hours are the best lime.’

Questions 39-40

39 A
40 D
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