Practice Test 1

Today, the high sales of popular goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real need of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Essay type

Opinion Essay (Agree or Disagree)


  • Sentence 1: Introduce the given topic about the power of advertising
  • Sentence 2: Clearly and directly state your point of view with one short and simple sentence (totally agree)


  • Paragraph 1: Advertising helps promote the sales of products by providing necessary information to potential customers through the means of media with huge coverage.
  • Paragraph 2: Sometimes influential advertising manipulates people into purchasing products that they do not really need.

Using images of celebrities to advertise a product line.


  • Restate your opinion with a clear and direct sentence (totally agree)

Sample Answer

It is widely believed that advertising, not the real need of consumers, leads to the popularity of a product. Personally, I strongly agree with such a statement.

Firstly, advertising promotes the sale of products by providing necessary information for potential customers through the means of media, particularly TV, with huge coverage. As a matter of fact, when in possession of a TV or a computer connected to the Internet, everyone would see advertisements almost everywhere, which would help them to know more specifically about desirable goods. Compared to the past, when the power of advertising would not be enough to spark attention, people now have closer access to modern commodities. Without advertising, producers would not be able to reach out to their buyers, owing to a struggle to introduce or promote their new lines of product.

Secondly, I would say that under various circumstances, influential advertisements manipulate people into purchasing something they have no need for. It is common that images of sport or entertainment celebrities would be selected for commercial purposes, inflicting huge impacts on buyers, especially their fans. For example, if Ronaldo, who is a famous football player, participated in a commercial advertisement on TV about a new product line of men’s perfumes, an enormous number of his loyal fans would buy those goods. This is because they want to be like their idols or simply it is a way to express their admiration and support.

Although I am familiar with the other side of the picture that makes advertisement a necessary in the present scenario; the drawbacks seem to be overpowering.

In conclusion, I think advertising is factored in boosting the sales of a product in spite of the insignificance of social needs for it.


  • Potential customers
  • Huge coverage
  • Have closer access to modern commodities
  • Reach out to their buyers
  • New lines of product
  • Influential advertisements
  • Sport or entertainment celebrities
  • Commercial purposes

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