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Law Says Only Child Must Share Inheritance with Cousins

Xiao Liu , a woman living in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is an only child.

After her father passed away leaving a house , she went to a notary to apply for notarization of inheritance, but was told that she needed the cooperation of her cousins.

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It is obviously Xiaoliu’s father’s house, so how could it be related to the aunt’s children?

In many people’s cognition, it is a matter of course that the only child inherits all properties left by the parents. People who hold this kind of thinking ignore that the first heir, in addition to children, also has spouses and parents. That is to say, if the grandparents are still alive when the parents die, they also have the right of inheritance.

What happened to Xiao Liu was that her father died in 2016, and grandparents also passed away, at the same time , in a car accident in 2018 .

This means that when Xiao Liu’s father died , besides her , there were also grandparents in the line of inheritance . Therefore , Xiao Liu is entitled to inherit only one-third of her fathers properties .

When her grandparents passed away, two-thirds of their properties had to be inherited by their heirs (that is, Xiao Liu’s aunt), and Xiao Liu had no right to this part of the inheritance.

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In 2022, Xiao Liu’s aunt passed away (widowed during her lifetime), and this part of the inheritance will naturally pass on to her children.

In this case, if Xiao Liu’s cousins ​​did not express to give up the inheritance, of course Xiao Liu would not have the right to solely inherit all the properties left by her father

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