Ningbo will add a Number of New Flight Routes

Ningbo will add a Number of New Flight Routes

Spring Airlines has further optimized the capacity layout and route network structure of Ningbo according to market demand and characteristics of the new season, encrypted the routes from Ningbo to Yining and Ningbo to Yancheng and increased the direct flight routes from Ningbo to Chongqing. There are more than 340 flights per week, and the number of seats planned for each weak is around 53,000.

From Ningbo to Yining and Yancheng, there are 3 departures per week before the change of season and 4 times a week after the change of season, which are every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Flights from Ningbo to Yining and Yancheng depart around 07:15 in the morning and are more suitable for business travelers and tour groups.

Direct flights from Ningbo to Chongqing increase every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, saving about 1.5 hours of flight time compared to stopping at Jinggangshan. Initially, stopover flights every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will continue after the season change, with Ningbo passengers opting for daily flights to Chongqing.

The following is the encrypted and new direct flight route information:

In 2022, Ningbo will add a number of new encrypted routes

Passengers should pay attention

The flight schedule of some routes has been slightly adjusted, such as 9C8683 Ningbo to Harbin, the flight schedule before the season change is 17:10, and the departure time is adjusted to 09:55 in the morning after the season change, more flight schedule adjustment information, subject to the time announced on the airline APP, please see the departure time clearly when purchasing tickets, so as not to delay the itinerary.

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