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Ningbo Suspense 72-Hour Nucleic Acid Testing Requirement

Ningbo City launched a typhoon emergency response at 17:00 on the 13th. To coordinate the normalization of epidemic control and flood prevention, the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued the following notice:

1. During the emergency response to urban typhoons, all residents should reduce going out and gathering to avoid accidental injuries.

2. During the typhoon emergency response period, in addition to the airport, railway station, high-speed bayonet, high-speed service area, and other urban “gates” will continue to implement the current nucleic acid testing requirements, the 72-hour normalized nucleic acid testing and inspection requirements implemented since September 7 will be suspended in the city until the typhoon emergency response is lifted.

3. All localities should suspend the operation of outdoor nucleic acid sampling points, effectively protect the personal safety of the broad masses, and resolutely prevent secondary disasters that may be caused by typhoon weather.


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