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Recently, a shopping mall in Ningbo banned boys over the age of 3 from entering the women’s restroom. One netizen posted a photo of a sign posted at the entrance to the mall’s women’s restroom, which read: “Don’t bring boys over 3 years old inside.”

It is reported that, the rule is set up at Hanyu Department Store located in Ningbo East Metro.

Why did the mall make this rule, on what basis, and how did customers react to it? On February 2, reporters visited the scene.

The reporter came from the underground garage elevator to the shop on the third floor, perhaps because of the weekend, there were not many customers in the mall. Following the signs, a more elaborately decorated toilet was found, and at the entrance of the women’s toilet, a sign that said “Do not bring boys over 3 years old” came into view.

Many mothers understand the toilet regulations in the mall, but they still have their own views on 3-year-olds.

The store says-

There were boys’ urinals in the women’s toilet, which were rectified after complaints

Ms. Li,the marketing marketing of Ningbo Hanyu Department Store, was interviewed by reporters. According to her, when the mall opened , there was a boy’s urinal in the women’s toilet which received a lot of complaints.

The complaints at the time were mainly from young girls. “They may have felt that this setup is inappropriate, and their privacy was being violated.” But complaints are complaints, Ms. Li said.

A month after opening, the mall renovated the toilet, removing the boy’s urinal in the women’s restroom, replacing the barrier-free toilet with a “third toilet” for children, and putting a sign saying “Do not bring in 3-year-old and above boys .

Why is the age limit three years?

“Usually three-year-olds can go to kindergarten, and we checked the information, and three-year-olds are starting to become gender aware.” Ms. Li also said that this slogan is also an advocacy, in addition, the mall has set up a “third toilet” for children.

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