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How Many Foreigners got Married in Ningbo Last Year ?

Recently, the Ningbo Civil Affairs Bureau announced the city’s marriage registration data in 2022.

The data shows that last year , the city handled a total of 39,767 marriage registrations, including 39,691 of mainland residents, 76 foreign-related and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents registered 13 divorces.

Marriage registration hits record high

As mentioned , in 2022, 39,691 mainland residents marriages were registered, an increase of 32.62% over 2021 and a new high since 2019.

Judging from the age difference in marriage registration, there were 19,000 men who are 1-4 years older than the woman, accounting for 48.1% of the total, which is still the mainstream age difference; 16% are of the same age; women 1-4 years older than men accounted for 15.15%.

The number of divorces has dropped significantly in the past three years

Since 2020, the number of divorce registrations in Ningbo has dropped significantly. In 2022, there were 18,189 divorce applications and 10,969 divorce registrations by mainland residents, and the withdrawal rate of divorce registrations was 37.8%. The average age of divorce is 40.9 years old, 42.1 years old for men and 39.7 years old for women.

10-15 years of marriage has a high incidence of divorce

From the perspective of the duration of marriages, the highest proportion is 10-15 years, accounting for 22.63%, followed by 6-9 years, accounting for 20.21%. There are 848 couples divorced within one year of marriage.

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