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NEW! Internet will be Faster in Hefei

On May 16th , the 2023 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Conference, was held in Hefei, launching the official opening of a national level internet backbone direct connection point in the city.

The conference gave an overview of how this new service will revolutionize the digital landscape by providing faster internet and better capacity for data transmission in Anhui. Furthermore, it will significantly reduce latency times and improve user experience for customers.

图片[1]-NEW! Internet will be Faster in Hefei ,  World's first 5G Off-Network Roaming Launched

Hefei’s national Internet backbone direct connection point is a key link in China’s Internet interconnection architecture. It is the highest-level link that connects the country’s major networks and provides access to the global Internet.

This connection point is essential for ensuring reliable and secure communication between different networks, as well as providing high-speed access to the global Internet. It also helps to reduce latency and improve network performance, making it an important part of China’s digital infrastructure.

Previuosly,17 direct connection points have been approved in China, 14 of which have been completed and put into use. Hefei will become one of the Internet backbone network interconnection hubs, reducing transmission delay and improving network transmission rate between Hefei and Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

图片[2]-NEW! Internet will be Faster in Hefei ,  World's first 5G Off-Network Roaming Launched

At the conference , China Telecom, Mobile, Unicom, and Television made history by jointly announcing the official launch of the world’s first 5G off-network roaming trial in Xinjiang .

This is a major milestone in the development of 5G technology and will have far-reaching implications for the telecommunications industry. 5G remote network roaming means that when a carrier does not have 5G network coverage, users can access the 5G network of other operators and continue to use 5G services

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