New Airport Bus Line To and From Binhu , Hefei

Hefei Passenger Airport Express Branch plans to open an airport bus line in Binhu New Area on March 9, 2023. Passengers traveling to and from Xinqiao Airport in Binhu New Area can choose to take this line.

Specific stations and operating routes:

Binhu Century Jinyuan Hotel – Yado Hotel (Yungu Road Subway Station, Binhu Intime) – Swan Lake Hotel – Binhu Chengyue – Anhui Expressway Huifeng Wanyun Hotel – Hefei Airport (round trip).

Operation time:

7: 30-18: 30, 30 minutes interval, the whole journey is about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

How to buy tickets:

Online tickets can be purchased through “Hefei Passenger Bus” WeChat Official Account . Tickets can also be purchased at the first floor lobby of each station (Warm Tip: Please purchase tickets at each station 10-15 minutes in advance.

Airport Bus Routes

With the gradual increase in the number of flights at Airport, in order to better serve passengers, the airport bus has resumed operation of four routes as of January 7, 2023.

Line 1

To: Passenger Terminal – Hefei Railway Station – Holiday Inn Park View – Xinqiao Airport

Return: Xinqiao Airport – Daximen – Sanxiaokou – Chaohu Road – Mingguang Road Bus Station – Bus Terminal

Line 2

Route: Shouchun Road Terminal – Lu’an Road Chang’an Building – West Bus Station – Xinqiao Airport

Return: Xinqiao Airport – RT-Mart (Qingxi Road) – Sixteen – Fortune Plaza – Shuanggang – Shouchun Road Terminal

Line 3

To the way: high-speed rail south station – passenger center station – Xinqiao airport

Return: Xinqiao Airport – Passenger West Station – High-speed Railway South Station

Line 4

Go to: Swan Lake Hotel – Ten Mile Temple Shengshi Guest House – Xinqiao Airport

Return: Xinqiao Airport – Shilimiao Shengshi Hotel – Crowne Plaza Hotel – Swan Lake Hotel

The above 4 routes are the main routes of the airport bus, please refer to the only official website of Hefei Airport Bus for specific operating hours ( ) in the “Bus Lines” section.

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