Museums Issue Ticket Scam Alert ⚠️ Be Careful when Buying

With the peak tourist season upon us, various museums, science centers, and libraries in cities are bustling with crowds, making official free online reservations increasingly challenging.

However, on some third-party online platforms, individuals are opportunely charging one to two hundred yuan extra, offering ticket reservation services for museums, turning free visits into paid ones.

Some claim to offer “direct purchases,” while others lure customers into WeChat groups, sending enticing links for “bargain” activities. Subsequently, they fraudulently charge customers’ bank cards and block them.

Staff from relevant museums and science centers emphasize that most of these institutions operate for public welfare, offering free admission to the public. They urge visitors to use official channels for ticket reservations, such as WeChat public accounts, WeChat mini-programs, official apps, and websites.

If anyone claims to offer ticket purchases through third-party platforms, they advise vigilance to avoid financial losses and scams. They also caution against scanning QR codes or clicking on unfamiliar website links shared by unknown individuals.

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