Mind Your Words ; Man Detained for False Covid Infection Claim

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Suzhou Industrial Park issued a notice stating that on the evening of December 26, 2022, a netizen posted several times on Weibo, claiming to be a doctor of virology at North Carolina State University, and his work unit is at the Park Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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In his posts, he claimed to have been infected with different new coronavirus strains twice in a row within five days and then identified the strain samples through rapid genetic testing in a P4 laboratory of his work unit.

Immediately after obtaining relevant information, the center conducted an internal audit and did not identify any such employees or P4 laboratories.

After an investigation by the public security organs, it was determined that the netizen was a convenience store employee, and in order to gain attention, he cobbled together the post on his own and fabricated identity information to post on Weibo.

Because his actions disturbed public order, the public security organs imposed administrative detention on him.

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