Medium and Low Risk Areas in Hefei (As of 21:00 on October 21, 2022)

Medium risk zone

Yaohai District:

  1. Laohe Steel Area (east to Langxi Road, west to Dangtu Road, north to Xin’anjiang Road, south to Heping Road) (control time: October 19)
  2. Senhai Haoting Community (Control time: October 20)
  3. He Kangjuyuan Community (Control time: October 20)
  4. Xingtaiyuan Community (Control time: October 20)

Economic and Technological Development Zones:

  1. The area of the economic development area north of Cuiwei Road and west of Jinzhai Road (control time: October 20)
  2. South of Guanhai Road, east of Haiheng Street, north of Ciguang Road, and west of the proposed section of Furong Road (control time: October 20)
  3. West of Lianhua Road, south of Danxia Road, north of Gengyun Road, east of Penglai Road (control time: October 20)

Shushan District:

  1. Qianshan Road, Oasis East Road, Wanfohu Road, Xiyou West Road enclosed within the commercial area. (Control time: October 20)

Feixi County:

  1. Yuzhou Tianxi Phase I. (Control time: October 20)

Medium risk zone: After 7 consecutive days of no new infections and all personnel in the risk zone complete a negative round of nucleic acid screening on day 7, it will be reduced to the low risk zone.

Low risk zone

Yaohai District:

  1. Other areas in Yaohai District except for medium-risk areas. (Control time: October 20)

Economic and Technological Development Zones:

  1. Economic development areas other than medium-risk areas. (Control time: October 20)

According to the “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan (Ninth Edition)”, after all medium- and high-risk areas are lifted, counties (cities, districts, banners) will implement normalized prevention and control measures.

Source: Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command

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