Home News Hefei Man Pretending to be friend’s ex-girlfriend swindles 110,000 through Wechat

Hefei Man Pretending to be friend’s ex-girlfriend swindles 110,000 through Wechat


According to the Anhui Business Daily, during the Spring Festival, Mr. Wang, a citizen of Hefei, reported to the police that he had been defrauded of 110000 yuan on WeChat. “A man pretending to be my ex-girlfriend added my WeChat, saying that one of his family relative was ill in the hospital and needed money for an urgent surgery.” Mr. Wang said that, considering the importance of saving a life , and the fact that he and his ex-girlfriend had been peacefully separated, he was willing to help out. He immediately transferred 110000 yuan through WeChat to the other party.

Wang explained that the suspect was well-informed of the situation between him and his ex-girlfriend and chatted without leaving any flaws. If he hadn’t met his ex-girlfriend later, he wouldn’t have known he’d been tricked,he added.

After receiving the complain, the Yaohai District Criminal Police Team quickly launched an investigation and found that the funds were transferred to the account of a 50-year-old man from out of town. After investigation, the man was excluded as a suspect. But police discovered that this person’s son is a friend of Mr. Wang. He was recently arrested in a coffee shop in Linquan Road, Hefei City. After being arrested, Zhang confessed to the crime of swindling 110000 yuan from the victim .

After investigation, it was understood that the suspect is a mutual friend of Mr Wang’s ex-girlfriend and therefore understood their situation thoroughly .He decided to take advantage of his knowledge to defraud the suspect in order to pay a loan.He has been placed under criminal detention while the money is still to be recovered.