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Man Arrested for Slowing Down High-Speed Train

Recently, the Beijing Railway Police issued a reminder, warning passengers not to smoke on high-speed trains and bullet trains. An incident triggered by smoking and setting off a smoke alarm resulted in the train slowing down.

The passenger involved, aware of the smoking ban on the train, could not control his addiction and secretly smoked in the train’s restroom. The smoke from the cigarette triggered the smoke alarm in the restroom, leading to the train slowing down, and the passenger, Liu Mou, was caught red-handed.

Upon the train’s arrival at its destination, Beijing West Station, Liu Mou was handed over to the Beijing West Station Police Station for processing. Afterward, Liu Mou confessed to smoking in the high-speed train restroom. According to the provisions of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China,” the Beijing Railway Police imposed a five-day administrative detention on Liu Mou.

On the same day of the Lunar New Year, another passenger was also punished for smoking on the train. At around 10 a.m. on February 9th, when the D96 train from Chongqing North to Beijing West was traveling between Baoding and Beijing West, train staff found a passenger named Xu Mou smoking in the lower berth of bunk 19 in carriage 3.

The train staff immediately notified the train police to handle the situation. Upon arrival at the station, Xu Mou was handed over to the Beijing West Station Police Station. As Xu Mou’s behavior did not trigger the train’s smoke alarm or cause the train to slow down, the Beijing Railway Police ultimately imposed a fine of 500 yuan on Xu Mou. (Beijing Daily)

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