Lesson 1 . Machines

clarendon learning explores simple

machines for kids hey kids in the

beginning everything had a beginning

think about it huge bustling cities

started out as little towns with little

buildings we wouldn’t have super cars of

Karl Benz hadn’t built his first motor

wagon and we never would have gone to

the moon if someone hadn’t invented the

wheel the wheel and axle is an example

of a simple machine and this is what

we’re going to explore today simple

machines let me introduce you to some

important helpers of mind we call them

simple machines the inclined plane the

lever the wedge the screw the wheel and

axle and the pulley these tools have

made the work I do so much easier I like

to show them to you and I’d like you to

use your imagination are you ready to

learn about simple machines awesome

let’s go keep in mind that a simple

machine has few moving parts and should

enable you to do more work with less

effort and energy look at this person

hoist a sail with a simple machine she’s

doing more work with less effort she’s

crossing the ocean with a simple machine

this is the inclined plane where ramp it

can be used to lift heavy objects from a

lower level to a higher level how much

do you think this dump truck weighs it

weighs around 628 tons that’s 1 million

two hundred fifty six thousand pounds

whoa and this inclined plane is helping

this machine get from a lower level to a

higher level with the greatest of ease

using a gradual ramp enables you to

travel up and down much easier and using

a ramp is the way that a person in a

wheelchair can get up over a curb or

into many buildings with multi levels

maybe the ancient Pyramids of Giza were

using the inclined plane I wonder what

other simple machine might make good use

of the inclined plane hey how about the

wheel and axle yeah moving equipment up

and down a ramp using wheels is easy

the wheel and axle are used all over the

world for all sorts of things here’s an

example of my friend mr. pottery man I

wonder what he’s making I bet it says

cereal bowl to hold a lot of cereal and

what’s he using to make that cereal bowl

you’re right a wheel and axle good job

the wheel is probably the greatest

simple machine of all time

think of everything the wheel can do and

what we use it for just about everything

in the world moves because of the wheel

planes trains automobiles bicycles

unicycles wagons horse carts pickup

trucks and trucks wheelbarrows skates

and scooters wait whoa back up is that a

six wheeled truck whoa the wheel and

axle have meant the work we do easier

and recreation more fun I mean how fun

when a bike B with square wheels next if

you give me a fulcrum or a pivot and a

plane I’ll give you a lever actually

three types of lovers depending where

you put the pivot some examples of the

lever as a simple machine are scissors

pliers a baseball bat your arm and elbow

is a good example of the lever the lever

gives us leverage to move things a

teeter totter is a super fun simple

machine just ask lily and max hello

friends the shovel is a combination of

two simple machines the lever and the

wedge yes the wedge is a simple machine

and very powerful with the wedge I can

split wood with a knife as a wedge I can

cut through steaks and chicken and

vegetables with ease I like the wedge I

can use it as a doorstop and keep my

door open

a nail is another example of the wedge a

very small but important simple machine

look at the screw a simple machine all

by itself with the screw I can attach

this to a wall I can drill a hole I can

seal a bottle with the screw on cap and

the spiral staircase yep a screw

what about curly fries I don’t think

they’re a simple machine but these sure

do look yummy and I’m getting hungry but

to screw is a very cool simple machine

which brings us to the final simple

machine last of all but not the least of

all the pulley the pulley is like a

wheel but with the groove with a couple

of pulleys and a rope you can exhibit

superhuman strength look at this example

of mr. kitty getting pulled up by a

pulley look how huge that crane is a lot

of huge buildings all over the world are

built by cranes a simple machine the

elevator uses the simple machine

technology of the pulley and who loves

elevator rides I do we just learned

about the six simple machines do you

remember what they are the inclined

plane the wheel and axle the lever

the screw the wedge and the pulley great

job these are the simple machines

they’re around us every day

and when you assemble several simple

machines together you get cool things

like cars airplanes and roller coasters

the bicycle uses many simple machines

can you figure out what they are can you

see the wheel the lever and the pulley

good job

today’s assignment is to look around and

identify the simple machines in the

world around you and while you’re at it

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