List of Fever Clinics and Telephone Numbers in Hefei

Several hospitals in Hefei have set up independent fever clinics, which are on duty 24 hours daily.

  》》》List of 106 Primary Fever Sentinel Clinics in Hefei

  Yaohai District

0551-64221147 (Yao Hai District CDC)

0551-62965470 (Fever Clinic of Municipal Second Hospital)

0551-69118667 (Fever Clinic of City Five Hospitals)

  Luyang District

0551-62630869 (Luyang District CDC)

0551-62283583 (Fever Clinic, Provincial Hospital)

0551-62183511 (Fever Clinic of Municipal Hospital)

0551-64637700 (Fever Clinic of Armed Police Provincial Corps Hospital)

  Shushan District

0551-65115420 (Shushan District CDC)

0551-65966224 (Fever Clinic, Hospital 91)

0551-62923450 (Fever Clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University)

0551-62830626 (Fever Clinic of Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

0551-63628003 (Fever Clinic of Provincial Chest Hospital)

0551-62736724 (Fever Clinic, Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine)

  Baohe District

0551-63427881 (Baohe District CDC)

0551-62214210 (Fever Clinic of Provincial Children’s Hospital)

0551-65758498 (Fever Clinic, Binhu Hospital)

0551-63629389 (Fever Clinic of City Three Hospitals)

  Jingkai District

18056043438 (Open District Disease Control Department)

0551-63869422 (Fever Clinic, Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University)

  Gaoxin District

0551-65310276 (Disease Control Department of High-tech Zone)

0551-65908266 (Fever Clinic, High Tech Hospital, First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University)

  Xinzhan District

17333151337 (New Station District Disease Control Department)

0551-64272008 (Fever Clinic of Anhui Provincial Second Hospital)

0551-66330298 (Fever Clinic of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Anhui medical University)

0551-66981672 (Fever Clinic of Beijing Oriental Hospital)

  Feidong County

15155519530 (Feidong County CDC)

13955151498 (Feidong County Hospital Fever Clinic)

0551-67701120 (Feidong County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Fever Clinic)

  Feixi County

0551-68844278 (Feixi County CDC)

0551-68831712 (Fever Clinic, Feixi County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  Changfeng County

0551-66671332 (Changfeng County CDC)

0551-66671097 (Fever Clinic, Changfeng County Hospital)

18164471956 (Fever Clinic of Changfeng County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital)

18955135799 (Fever Clinic, Shuangfeng Industrial Zone Hospital, Changfeng County)

  Lujiang County

0551-87322045 (Lujiang County CDC)

0551-82561120 (Fever Clinic, Lujiang County Hospital)

0551-87335310 (Lujiang County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital fever clinic)

  Chaohu City

0551-82373968 (Chaohu CDC)

19956075630 (Fever Clinic, Chaohu Hospital, Anhui Medical University)

13856515908 (Fever Clinic of No Eight Municipal Hospital)

18156546059 (Fever Clinic, Soong Ching Ling Love Hospital)


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