Leaving Hefei Needs Nucleic acid + Antigen” Double Test

Hefei South High-speed Railway launched a “double inspection” at the exit of the Station yesterday afternoon, implementing nucleic acid and antigen testing for outbound passengers.

Currently, there are three entrances on the arrival level, namely east, west and north, each with antigen testing points, each of which can accommodate more than 300 passengers at a time. Under the guidance of on-site volunteer service staff, outbound passengers will scan their body temperature, ask for screening and nucleic acid test codes, and enter the antigen test waiting area. In each waiting area, professionals and urban management epidemic prevention personnel explain the use of reagents and preventive measures, and passengers can also complete antigen tests on their own according to the publicity display boards and instructions. After the antigen test, the staff will check the test results at the entrance of the waiting area and record the abnormalities.

Nucleic acid and antigen tests are free of charge, antigen test results are usually available in about 15 minutes, and passengers can only leave the station after obtaining the final test results.

The accuracy rate of antigen detection is as high as 95%, which can quickly and effectively obtain test information feedback, which is convenient for passengers’ outbound needs. At the same time, it is conducive to improving the effectiveness of nucleic acid collection and further consolidating the external defense line.

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