Latest Quarantine Policy for Returning to Sichuan from Outside

Requirements for personnel coming (returning) to Sichuan

On the basis of continuing to implement the management measures for people with residence history in medium and high-risk areas, the control of people coming (returning to) Sichuan from other provinces will be carried out at the following levels.

1. Those who have resided in the Tibet Autonomous Region within the past 7 days must hold three negative nucleic acid test certificates in the past 5 days (every 24 hours or more), and the last nucleic acid sampling time should be within 24 hours before entering Sichuan. From the date of arrival in Sichuan, the isolation shall be concentrated for 7 days, and the throat swab nucleic acid test shall be carried out on the first, second, third, fifth and seventh days. The isolation control can be lifted only after the negative nucleic acid test certificate is issued on the seventh day

2. People coming from Urumqi, Bayingolin Prefecture, Yili Prefecture, Turpan City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Haixi Prefecture, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region will be subject to 7 days of centralized quarantine from the date of arrival in Sichuan

3. For those who have come to (returned to) Sichuan from Kunming, Guiyang, Bijie and Wanning, Hainan, five days of home isolation will be implemented from the date they arrive in Sichuan (if they do not have the conditions for home isolation or do not accept the control of home isolation for cohabitants, five days of centralized isolation will be implemented).

4. Those who have lived in Hedong District, Hexi District, Nankai District, Hebei District, Dongli District, Xiqing District, Jinnan District, Beichen District, Heping District, Binhai New Area, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and Qinghai Province except Haixi Prefecture and Yushu Prefecture, Home isolation will be implemented for 3 days from the date of arrival in Sichuan (centralized isolation will be implemented for 3 days if the conditions for home isolation are not met, or if the cohabitants are not accepted , home isolation control will be implemented).

5. People coming (returning) to Sichuan from other risk areas not mentioned shall strictly implement the “inspection of entering Sichuan” and conduct nucleic acid detection three times a day (with an interval of more than 24 hours).

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