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KFC in Deep Water for Refusing RMB Cash Payment

Recently, a woman in Shanghai posted a video showing her cash payment being declined when she ordered food for her kid at a KFC restaurant. Staff told her that KFC only accepts mobile payments.

Do you prefer to pay with Cash or mobile ?x

In response to the incident, KFC said it accepts cash but tries to avoid contact through mobile payments.

It is understood that the People’s Bank of China regularly inspects and punishes merchants who refuse to accept RMB cash as a method of payment, to effectively safeguard the legitimate status of the RMB.

The central bank instructs commercial entities to strengthen the concept of the rule of law, maintain the legal status of the renminbi, operate in good faith, respect the public’s payment choices, improve services, and jointly create a harmonious cash flow environment. When the public encounters cash payment refusal, they may protect their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the People’s Bank Announcement (No. 18 [2020].”

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