Most student wonder whether it’s a good idea to give long, detailed answers or short, direct answers in part 1 of the speaking test. Let’s look at two example answers for the same question.

What do you dislike about your school or your job?

Long, detailed answer:
As much as I enjoy teaching and derive a lot of pleasure from it, there are certain aspects of this occupation that are not so desirable, just like any other line of work, really. One of those things is the unsocial working hours. Teachers usually have to teach in the evening because that’s the only time that makes sense for students and working adults. On top of that, the workload is colossal. I mean, we have to spend a lot of time marking students’ essays and answering students’ questions, and all this invisible hard graft is usually not appreciated. So being a teacher is no small task.

Short, direct answer:
I’d have to say that marking essays is my least favourite aspect of my job as a teacher, because marking is time-consuming and it requires a lot of concentration to do it properly.

My Advice

Give short and direct answers in the part 1

  1. Firstly thats whats expected of you . The test is structured in 3 parts . In the first part you are expected to answer the question directly without beating about the bush .

  2. Secondly Short answers help reduce grammar and sentence construction mistakes .

  3. And lastly , it’s important to answer the question asked and not making up your own question.