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Is Hitch-hiking Illegal in Hefei

Is Hitch-hiking Illegal in Hefei

Recently, a netizen left a message on the official website of Hefei Municipal People’s Government, asking whether “hitchhiking” is illegal, and the Hefei Municipal Transportation Bureau replied.

Question: Is it illegal for people who commute to and from work on regular platforms to share the fuel cost?

Reply: According to the relevant provisions on Private Passenger Car Sharing (Provisional), Hefei Municipal People’s Government encourages and advocates public welfare and mutual aid travel, and hitchhiking does not require any relevant certificates;

The owner must not accept orders more than 4 times a day; Hitchhiking shall not be for profit, only the cost of fuel and tolls shall be apportioned; Platforms that publish hitchhiker information should actively connect relevant data to the municipal traffic supervision platform.

Vehicle owners shall not engage in online ride-hailing business activities in violation of laws and regulations and the Hefei Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment shall crack down on illegal online ride-hailing operations in the name of hitchhiking.

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