If I have a fever, why do I have to call 12345? Questions Answered

Q: If I have a fever, why do I have to call 12345?

Given that approximately 50% of patients infected with Omicron variant BA.5.2 have a fever, please call the 12345 hotline at home and community staff will provide you with home delivery, sampling and referral services

Q: Recently, Hefei has further strengthened epidemic prevention and control measures, what are the considerations?

Since October, a total of 62 cases of infected people have been reported in the city, and from the published trajectory, it is clear that some infected people have entered crowded places such as supermarkets, restaurants and communities, with frequent cross-regional activities. In this round of the epidemic, a total of 3 transmission chains imported from outside the city have been successfully interrupted, of which 2 imported from outside the province have been successfully interrupted, which are more contagious and spread faster, and have been distributed in many counties and regions. After comprehensive research and judgment, we must make greater determination and take more decisive measures to break the chain of transmission as soon as possible, and implore the general public and friends for understanding, support and cooperation.

Q: In the early stage, the city has carried out multiple rounds of nucleic acid screening, why continue to do “one test a day”?

A: For Omicron variant BA.5.2, nucleic acid screening is still an important means of “early detection”, and according to the current development of the epidemic, the determination of the regional nucleic acid screening program of “synchronous and concentrated in cities” is based on the strategy of coexistence of hidden transmission and secondary risks. City-wide synchronization refers to the overall promotion of the whole city to ensure no omissions and full coverage; Highlighting the focus refers to more frequent nucleic acid screening, rapid collection and testing in some key areas, detecting infected people as soon as possible, and doing our best to stay ahead of the virus. According to the regional distribution of infected persons in the current round of the epidemic, regional population density and other factors, carry out “once a day testing”, and timely and dynamically adjust prevention and control measures according to the screening results. Nucleic acid screening is very important to find the minimum number of infected people, and it is also related to whether the current round of the epidemic can quickly achieve a dynamic zero social dimension. The general public and friends must abide by the requirements of the Hefei Epidemic Prevention Command, obey the unified arrangements of the streets and communities, and participate in nucleic acid sampling in an orderly manner at different times and peaks. Every time you participate, it is the greatest support for epidemic prevention and control, let us help each other and protect Hefei together.

Q: What is the current supply situation in Hefei?

A: At present, the supply of daily necessities in the city is stable, the inventory reserve is sufficient, and the distribution and delivery channels are smooth. In terms of grain and oil reserves, the current finished grain reserve is 30,000 tons (including 5,600 tons of flour), which can meet the market supply of the city for 11 days; Edible oil reserve of 3800 tons, can be guaranteed for more than 15 days, Zhougudui market currently vegetable reserves of 6000 tons, the average daily entry volume of about 4500 tons, meat reserves of 1600 tons, pork daily average daily intake of more than 200 tons, can fully meet the needs of the general public, Hefei major supermarket stores are according to 3-5 days to prepare sufficient supplies, and extend business hours to ensure the purchase needs of the public. We will continue to maintain sufficient supply, please be rest assured.

Q: What should I do if there are sudden or seriously ill patients in the lockdown area who urgently need medical attention? What should I do if a patient with chronic diseases lacks medicine?

A: For control personnel such as closed communities and isolation points with medical needs, they usually follow the principle of “be able to go online but not offline, and if you can get door-to-door services, you will not go out”. In principle, community health service centers and township health centers are responsible for providing diagnosis and treatment services for patients with basic and chronic diseases, and can communicate by phone or video, consult with experts from provincial and municipal Internet hospitals, and deliver medicines to their homes. If you do need to go out, the community will collect and review at the door in advance, contact the designated hospital to make an appointment, and inform you of the situation. For critically ill patients (stroke, chest pain, severe trauma, shock, high fever, childbirth, etc.), the patient or his family members directly call the 120 emergency number, and at the same time notify the community, 120 docking with the designated hospital, opening a green channel, or according to the principle of proximity, the street transfer vehicle to the designated hospital.

Q: When the epidemic prevention and control requirements such as nucleic acid testing coincide with the time of your own work or actual life, how should we deal with it?

A: According to previously issued nucleic acid testing requirements, municipal unit personnel participating in nucleic acid sampling can “arrive late, leave early” or rest for half a day, and it is recommended that all fertilizer units stationed in fertilizer refer to implementation. In addition, at present, primary and secondary schools and off-campus training institutions in the city have suspended offline teaching activities, implemented online teaching, and kindergartens and childcare institutions have also suspended children’s entry into kindergartens, and dual-income families can ask one person to take care of their children.

Q: Hefei Shelter Hospital has been built for a long time. Now there is an epidemic in Hefei. Why not open it?

A: The shelter hospital is an effective means to focus on the treatment of mild and asymptomatic patients and to stop the spread of the COVID-19 in time. According to the relevant requirements for the establishment of the shelter hospital under the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council, our city, in accordance with the principle of combining emergency with peace and based on long-term development, was completed in May this year and can be used at any time. In the next step, our city will, according to the development and changes of the epidemic situation, timely open shelter hospitals to build a solid barrier for epidemic prevention and control .


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