IELTS Speaking Practice Test 39 & Band 8.0 Sample Answers

Speaking Part 1

1 How is the transportation there like?

I think my city has comprehensive transportation. Lots of roads are widened and traffic lights are installed to make travelling more convenient. There are various public transportations so people can travel within long distance with cheap price.

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1 What kind of transportation is popular where you live?

I’d say it is motorbike. You can see it anywhere, anytime of the day. It’s price is affordable so even people with low income can afford to it.

2 What do you do at the weekend?

Not much. The street at the weekends are always jammed so I prefer taking a rest at home and catching a movie.

3 What will you do next weekend? With whom? When? Where? Why?

I don’t have any plan yet as my schedule isn’t fixed. I guess I’d grab some coffee and chill out with friends. It’s the best way to get away from the hectic pace of city life.

4 When you were a child, which activity you like best between painting and drawing? Why?

Well, I was keen on painting when I was a kid . I love the feeling of mixing and creating new type of colors. It also allowed me to unwind, decompress, and express true emotion. My art appreciation evolves with time but I still do some paintings everyday.

5 Do you think children nowadays love painting or drawing? Why?

I do agree to some extent. On one hand, lots of kids enroll in painting or drawing class. It allows them to express inventiveness as well as imagination to their fullest which are limited at school. On the other hand, many parents want their kids to focus on studying subjects like math or literature as they are compulsory. So that’s the reason why some kids aren’t able to engage in painting or drawing.

Here is an audio of the sample answers given below. Please listen to it for more clarity on the Speaking Test.

Speaking Part 2

Describe a positive change in your life.

You should say:

    • What the change was about?
  • When it happened?
  • Why did the change happen?
  • How did you feel your change in this time?

Sample Answer

That was my last year at high school and I had to decide which university I’d like to apply for. Like other high school students, I was at crossroads as I didn’t know what I want or who I will become down the road. I asked my parents for advice and they suggested that I should take a gap year to figure out what I’m interested in. After that, I came to Chennai and started a new life. I didn’t live with my uncle as I wanted to live independently so I rented a small studio flat on a tranquil road. I looked for a part-time job and after being rejected by some coffee shops, I finally made it at a clothing store . As I’m a quick learner so I easily caught up with the job. Although it’s a part-time job, it’s quite stressful as so many customers come to the shop so I hardly had time to take a break. I really like the job as it trained me to work well under pressure and stay on top of everything no matter how tired I am. After a while, I realized that I have an eye for fashion as I could mix and match items perfectly and customers often consulted me before buying. It’s a hidden talent that I’ve never thought about . The most amazing thing about taking a gap year is that I made lots of new friends who give me plenty of sound advice and we still keep in touch till now.

I have to admit that taking a gap year helps me to fulfill my potential . When I came home, I decided to enroll in fashion major. I want to become a successful fashion designer and I’m happy that I made a wise decision.

Vocabulary For Cue card

  • Take a gap year: to give students a break from academics.
    Eg: He was advised to take a gap year and do community service
  • Studio flat: self contained space that houses everything in a single room with separate bathroom.
    Eg: She took a studio flat for her living .
  • Rejected: dismissed as inadequate , unacceptable or faulty.
    Eg: The faculty rejected all the files.
  • Caught up: involved in
    Eg: She was caught up in the kitchen at midnight.
  • Take a break: to stop doing something for a short period of time
    Eg: He had taken a break of 10 mins.
  • Work well under pressure: being able to continue doing your job effectively despite demands and stresses like not enough help, time, money or expertise.
    Eg: The students had worked well under pressure during exam time.

Speaking Part 3

1 What changes do you want to make in your life?

I want to improve my English, especially speaking as my job requires me to be proficient in English. If my English is good, I’ll be more appreciated and I will just be one step closer to top jobs.

2 Do you think your country will be changed in the future? Why?

From my point of view, it will see significant changes in both transportation and environment in the future. There would be less traffic congestion as more and more new roads would be built. The cutting-edge infrastructure would allow people to travel easier than ever. However, more vehicle is one of the reasons leading to air pollution. To make it worse, more sewage from households and contaminated water would be discharged directly to rivers. These would threaten lives of million people and worsen the environment. So I think that the government should address these problems to create better life.

3 Does technology make people change? Why?

Yes, I do agree. Technology has transformed our lives in both good and bad ways. Now our lives are simpler and easier thanks to it. For instance , e-readers have transformed the way people read books. The Internet altered how we communicate with each other. Sometimes the Internet has detrimental effect on people because they are likely to be addicted to it and in the long term, it distorts the relationships. Technology has revolutionized the whole world and it has never be the same like before.

Vocabulary For Speaking part 3

  • Stay on top of: you follow it closely to make sure that you’re up to date.
    Eg: Always try to to stay on top in future.
  • Mix and match: select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set.
    Eg: There was a mix and match of topics in the previous file.
  • Consulted: seek information or advice from
    Eg: She has consulted her doctor thrice during pregnancy time.
  • Traffic congestion: condition in transport that is slower speeds, longer trips and increased vehicular queueing.
    Eg: There is a lot of traffic congestion in Mumbai.
  • Sewage: waste water and excrement conveyed in sewers.
    Eg: There are sewage problems in the rural areas.
  • Threaten: cause to be vulnerable
    Eg: He has threatened her in the school.
  • Distorts: twist out of shape.
    Eg: The shape is quite distorted in our eyes.
  • E-readers: device for reading content
    Eg: Nowadays every school has an e- reading system.
  • Detrimental: obviously harmful.
    Eg: The frozen foods are detrimental to our health.


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