IELTS Speaking Practice Test 38 & Band 8.0+ Sample Answers

Topic: House or Apartment

Here is an audio of the sample answers given below. Please listen to it for more clarity on the Speaking Test.

Speaking Part 1

1 Which is your favorite room in your home? Why?

I love my bedroom the best. I have my own space and personalize it to my liking. I always feel comfortable and relaxed in my room.

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2 Would you change anything about your home? Why / why not?

I’d like to have a small garden at the back yard. I want to grow some trees and flowers and it’d be perfect place to get away from the hectic day.

3 Would you like to move to a different home in the future?

I think I’d move to another city. Though I’ve been living here for a long time, staying at one place can’t teach me new things in life. I want to open my mind and spend time to explore the world.

4 What does your house overlook?

Well, my house is lower than other houses so there isn’t much thing to see as it’s surrounded by buildings and electric wires.

5 Do you like going to someone’s house or someone coming to your house?

Both of them are good for me. As long as we get on well with each other so no matter where we meet, I’m still happy.

6 What do you often do when someone visits your house?

I’m friendly with everyone so whoever comes to my house I always treat them the same. I’ll ask them to stay for dinner or have some tea while talking. It makes the guests feel more comfortable so they’ll come back the next time.

7 Do you like chocolate?

Absolutely. I have a sweet tooth so chocolate is my favorite thing. It’s full of flavor that makes my mouth water.

8 How often do you eat chocolate?

I guess 2 or 3 times a week. Eating too much causes tooth decay so I just eat a small bar of chocolate when I’m hungry.

9 Do you give chocolate as a present?

Some people love chocolate, some people don’t so I only give them chocolate if they fancy it. Besides, I don’t know how to choose delicious chocolate so I prefer giving other presents like clothes.

10 Why do the kids like chocolate?

I think chocolate is sweet and tasty so kids love it and even adults. It is also cheap and easy to eat.

Speaking Part 2

Describe a person from your past you would like to see again

You should say :

  • who it is?
  • when did you see this person?
  • what do you know about this person and explain why do you want to see this person?

Sample Answer

The person I’m going to talk about is a friend of mine from Germany. I met him on Couchsurfing which is a famous app for travelers to make new friends . To the best of my recollection, I was surfing the internet then he dropped me a message to hang out with him. I was reluctant at first as I didn’t know who he was but I had sometime on my hand so I said yes. My first impression about him was that he looked so young like way younger than I thought. He came to Vietnam as a part of his gap year plan and it was his last destination before coming back to Germany . I didn’t have much expectation but that conversation really breathed new life into me as we found out we both love teaching. He talked passionately about opening his own English center and his aspiration to teach English to everyone. We shared the same goal so that conversation lasted for hours with lots of ideas showed up. He also gave me sound advice to improve my English and how to teach effectively. Although he is young, he talks and thinks like a fully matured man. Unfortunately that was his last day in Vietnam so we spent every moment to enjoy quality time together. He inspired me a lot to become a better teacher and I do hope to see him again some day.

Vocabulary For Cue card

  • Make new friends: make new friends
    Eg: I didn’t make new friends in the industry.
  • Breathed new life into: to give new energy , vitality or hope to their leadership breathed new life into the movement.
    Eg: By doing yoga in the morning, we can breathe new life into our lives.
  • Aspiration: a hope or ambition of achieving something.
    Eg: The aspiration comes from our inside .
  • Quality time: time spent giving all of one’s attention to someone who is close.
    Eg: He is spending quality time with his mother

Speaking Part 3

1 Where can we go to meet new friends?

In my opinion, it depends on interest and goal of each person . People can go to the gym, make friends with ones who love working out or join in some English clubs if they want to enhance English . Social networks is a helpful method to find friends from all over the world and it narrows the gap among people. They may even find their soulmate there.

2 People say that online friends aren’t true friends. Do you agree or disagree?

I partly agree with this. People tend to make up a new version of themselves to impress others or cover their weaknesses. That’s why once they meet in person, they’ll be upset about their e-friend. On the one hand, it’s easier to strike up a conversation when you’re hiding behind a screen. Lots of people have friends online and they are bounded by distance but they are still nice with each other. They still keep in touch and become lifelong friends like other relationships.

3 What does it mean to be a good friend?

I believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed. A good friend means he’ll be a pillar of support to his friends through thick and thin. They will never give up on each other and keep each other in line.

4 Why do people have more good friends when they study at school?

I think people are more naïve when they are still at school. They don’t know how to ingratiate others and just make friends with people that make them happy. This warm relationship sets the stage for all future relationships, including friendships. Besides, people are occupied with their work so they hardly have time to meet new friends and colleagues tend to compete with each other. That’s why when people grow up, it’s harder for them to find true friends.

Vocabulary For Speaking part 3

  • Soulmate: romantic partner
    Eg: They have been soulmates for the past 3 years.
  • Working out: plan or devise something in detail.
    Eg: He is not working out the taxes.
    Strike up a conversation: used to say that I understand
  • Eg: The students had struck up a conversation with a teacher in the school.
    Keep each other in line: you make them behave in the way you want them too.
  • Ingratiate: trying to please them.
    Eg: The boy was trying to ingratiate his mother to let him go to the field.
  • Occupy: have one’s place of business in
    Eg: He has occupied her seat.
  • Lifelong friends: one who has supported you, listened to you , shared with you, listened to you , and encouraged you about their life.
    Eg: Raj and John will be lifelong friends


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