IELTS Speaking Practice Test 37 & Band 8.0+ Sample Answers

Here is an audio of the sample answers given below. Please listen to it for more clarity on the Speaking Test.

Speaking Part 1

1 How long have you lived there?

I’ve been living here since I was born. I grew up with this place along with my parents. I have lots of joyful memories here.

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2 Do you want to live there in the future?

Yes, of course. I have friends and family besides me so I always feel welcomed here. I visit lots of beautiful cities but this place is my home so I still want to be here.

3 What do you think about the transportation there?

Honestly, I think the the transportation is far from satisfactory. Lots of vehicles travelling on road everyday so the road is getting more and more crowded. The infrastructure is out of date and some roads don’t have signpost. The transport system works ineffectively due to those reasons.

4 What do you often do at the weekend?

I usually grab some coffee at a vintage coffee shop that is near my house. whenever I am there, the tranquility of this place makes me feel so relaxing. It’s good place to unwind and get away from the noise of the city.

5 How often do you go to the cinema?

I go there quite often, sometimes with my friends or go alone. I love the excitement when watching a movie on the big screen. So whenever there is a movie released, I hardly miss one.

6 What kind of movie do you like?

I’m keen on watching comedy movies. It is funny and has excellent story-line. The cast is excellent, with lots of charismatic celebrities. It’s always my choice when I go to the cinema.

7 Do you like sport?

To be honest, I’m not a sporty girl. I don’t spend much time to play sports as I feel so bored and it is time-consuming. I’m always covered in sweat while playing, so sport isn’t my thing.

8 What kind of sport do you play?

I play lots of sports, indoor or outdoor but football is my most favorite one. It was a compulsory at my school. I didn’t like it at first but then it really grew on me. I feel flexible and comfortable when playing soccer so I spend time everyday to practice it.

9 Do you want to be a professional athlete in the future?

No, I don’t. I just play sports to keep fit and strengthen my health. If I want to be a professional athlete, I have to practice hard every single day. Besides, it’s a very stressful job as I have to compete continuously and travel all the time. So that’s why I just play sport for fun.

Speaking Part 2

Describe a special meal that you remember having.

You should say :

  • where you had the meal?
  • who you were with?
  • when you had it and explain why it was a special meal to you?

Sample Answer

I still remember the birthday party that I had when I turned 25. I came back to my country after 3 years of studying master degree in Australia. When I arrived at the airport, I visualized that there would be lots of people welcoming me so I rushed to home . All my best friends and families were at home and surprised me with flowers and presents. That night, my mom cooked my favorite foods like pizza, mushroom risotto. It was a long time since I ate traditional food so I tucked in every dish happily. I had this food in Australia but the taste wasn’t as tasty as in my hometown. The flavor, the smell evoked memories that I had before . That was the best meal in my life as everything was mouth-watering and fresh. The meal is so special to me as it is a reunion after a long time and I still feel touching whenever I think about it. I was over the moon because of their affection for me. It was a night to remember as we chatted about many things and took lots of photos to capture that moment. The memory still brings tears to my eyes and it’s the best meal in my life.

Vocabulary For Cue card

  • Studying master degree : An advanced college university degree.
    Eg: She is studying master degree in KGM university.
  • Visualized : form a mental image of
    Eg: The child has visualized her mother’s picture and drew it very well.
  • Rushed to : done or completed too hurriedly.
    Eg: She rushed to the washroom for an emergency.
  • Tucked: push, fold or turn something.
    Eg: She had tucked her saree very tightly
  • Evoked memories: bring a feeling, memory into the mind.
    Eg: Tom has evoked every memory of his past childhood.
  • Night to remember: night on which something memorable has happened.
    Eg: Last anniversary was a night to remember.
  • Capture that moment: if something, or someone captures a particular quality, feeling or atmosphere, they represent successfully.
    Eg: Lets capture that moment where he laughs his heart out.
  • Over the moon: extremely happy or delighted.
    Eg: Having our kids with us is an over the moon feeling
  • Mouth watering: smelling, looking or sounding delicious.
    Eg: The food was literally mouth watering.

Speaking Part 3

1 Do you think people prefer indoor or outdoor activities?

Well, I guess it depends on the age. The youngsters likely to flock to fitness centers where they are supplied with cutting-edge facilities. It’s easy to track their workout and there are trainers helping them with exercises. On the other hand, outdoor activities are much more favorable to the elderly. They can do exercise anytime at the park without any charge. Outdoor activities allow old people to be closer to nature so they will work out harder and be as fit as a fiddle.

2 Nowadays, the youngsters tend to take part in risky sports. What do you think about this?

I personally believe that dangerous sports have both pros and cons. These sports stimulates youngsters to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. Besides, fortune favors the brave so that’s why at boxing matches, the winners receive lots of money. Adventurers develop self-confidence and help them become more mature than their fellows. However, everything comes with price tag so the juniors face many life-threatening consequences like injury or even death. They have to follow strict safety rules to defend themselves. I think that this trend will become more and more popular in the future.

3 Men are likely to join in risky sports than women. Why do you think this happens?

In my opinion, different gender have different interest. Women tend to take part in some gentle physical activities like doing yoga. On the other hand, men love living on the edge and pushing their limits with boxing or rock climbing. While men are born with adventurous spirit and carefree nature, women are likely to be prudent and wary. It takes guts to join risky sports so it’s suitable for men as they have passion to overcome natural barriers.

Vocabulary For Speaking Part 3

  • Adventures: an unusual, exciting or daring experience.
    Eg: We went on an adventure ride last sunday.
  • Life threatening: potentially fatal
    Eg: They had experienced life threatening experiences under the coal mine.
  • Price tag: a label showing the price of an item for sale.
    Eg: The price tags of all the items were removed.
  • Defend: resist an attack made on
    Eg: The criminal gangs defended themselves from the police
  • Follow the safety rules: Rules to protect people when we are driving.
    Eg: We must follow the safety rules when are driving on highway.


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