IELTS Speaking Practice Test 35 & Band 8+ Sample Answers

Here is an audio of the sample answers given below. Please listen to it for more clarity on the Speaking Test.

Speaking Part 1

1 What do you like the most about your job? Why?

I currently work at a German company where we fulfill our customers’ wishes and provide them with the most luxury and satisfactory products and services. Therefore, dealing with people is a significant feature of my job, which I take great interest in. I believe communication is a powerful tool that can unlock great potentials not only of your clients but everyone around and I really enjoy it. Being able to interact effectively with others, especially your customers is a difficult, yet rewarding challenge and it excites me every time I get to close a deal with a tough one.

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2 Do you travel a lot ?

Regardless of my passion for travelling, I haven’t been able to visit as many places as I want to. They say traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I couldn’t agree more. Though my traveling experience is considerably limited in comparison with others, it has opened up my world and transformed my perspectives about life completely. Hence, I’ve always kept a bucket list of places and things I want to see by my side and tried to explore at least one new place each year to enrich my knowledge and color my world.

3 How do you usually travel, by bus or by taxi? Why?

In Vietnam, the majority of population are using motorbikes to commute around the city or nearby places and I ain’t no exception. It’s more convenient, economically wise and time-saving than any other means of transportation, at least in Ho Chi Minh City. The infrastructure, transport system to be precise, is not entirely ideal, which means roads are relatively narrow and traffic congestion takes place during rush hours everyday. Therefore, a small, lightweight vehicle like motorbike is an optimal choice to move around the area.

4 What part of your country would you recommend to visit? Why?

As a true Southerner, there’s no place I’d rather be but right where I am now – Ho Chi Minh City – a delightful cosmopolitan city that should be on your “must-visit” list when traveling to Vietnam. Unlike Hanoi or other cities in the middle of the country where inclement weather can be unexpected and hard to deal with, HCMC has the most pleasant atmosphere with lots of tourist attractions such as Ben Thanh Market, Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, Nguyen Hue Walking Street… Southerner people are best known for their hospitality; therefore, you will always feel welcomed and comfortable around friendly locals.

Speaking Part 2

Describe the perfect job for you.

You should say:

  • what is this job?
  • why did you choose this job?
  • what are the skills required for it?

Sample Answer

Paperwork and daily meetings which last for 2 hours everyday have always been my nightmare ever since I started thinking about my future career. It’s an unavoidable reality that you have to deal with once choosing an office life, which is why I find myself lucky to be able to land a job at XYZ – where I have been working in Marketing department since graduating and absolutely enjoy it.

Our company is a global brand specializing in providing world-class and highly exclusive services for premium customers around the globe. Thanks to the high-end market and targeted clients, we have a privilege to work with high-profile people across industries. Our team is small but it doesn’t affect our productivity. In fact, due to the limited number of members, we know each other pretty well, which enhances mutual understanding, collaboration and flexibility. Instead of having long-hour meetings, we do a 15-minute session every morning to keep everyone in the loop about what others are doing and the progression of ongoing projects so people may offer help if any. It is not only efficient but makes things fresh and simple, which I truly appreciate. I had worked here as an intern before going official; therefore, I had time to adapt to a new environment, get used to unfamiliar concept I have never encountered in school as well as sharpen other skills. Thanks to the period of time dedicated to many extra curriculum activities and part-time jobs while studying at school, my interpersonal skill has significantly improved along with some experience in event management and problem-solving ability, which has come in handy and contributed greatly to my performance at work. Other than that, a positive, can-do attitude and creativity are necessary traits for anyone who wants to succeed in marketing in particular and all kinds of jobs in general.

Vocabulary For Cue Card

  • Unavoidable: not able to be avoided, prevented, or ignored; inevitable.
    Eg: The situation is unavoidable
  • land a job: to find a job and be hired.
    Eg: After this summer I think I will land in a job.
  • to unfamiliar concept : not familiar; not acquainted with or conversant aboutthe project has totally unfamiliar concepts with no hints or ideas given
    Eg: North Indian culture has totally unfamiliar concepts.
  • interpersonal skill: the ability to communicate or interact well with other people.
    Eg: “Please develop some interpersonal skills”
  • significantly improved: substantial ongoing positive changes
    Eg: He has significantly improved in her scores
  • necessary traits: a particular characteristic, quality, or that someone or something has.
    Eg: He has all the necessary traits to be appointed as the leader.
  • Privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.
    Eg: She enjoyed many privileges as a caretaker.
  • keep everyone in the loop: To keep someone informed about and/or involved in something, such as a plan or project, especially that which involves or pertains to a specific group.

Speaking Part 3

1 What jobs do children prefer to do? Why?

Children always dream big and rarely let anything look down on it, which is one of a million things I adore about them. Since the fancier the job is, the more attention and privileges they may get, many kids have wanted to become movie stars, doctors or astronauts when they grow up. Those are very legitimate dreams that could be achieved when they’re determined, disciplined enough and most importantly, if they’re still into the same job they choose 20 years before.

2 Is money an important consideration when choosing a job?

To be honest, money plays a significant role in every decision we make, including career choice. We’re all taught not to let money rule us, we are the one to rule and money is a means, not an end. Yet, it’s easier said than done. Most people are struggling everyday to make ends meet. They have mouths to feed and even more bills to pay other than time to daydream about being a CEO of a multi-million-dollar startup one day. Therefore, they choose a stable job with an acceptable income to ensure their family have a stable life.

3 Why do children change their job preferences when they grow up?

As children grow up, their expectations about ideal or perfect job change with them. Nothing can last forever. Even adults experience situations where they are no longer feeling fit in their current position or their career doesn’t lead them where they want to be and decide to switch job, even to start fresh in a different industry. Therefore, during a 20-something journey of becoming a grown-up, it’s perfectly understandable that a child develops interest in a different area since the more they learn and see the world, the more choices life has to offer.

Vocabulary For Speaking Part 3

  • legitimate dreams: conforming to the law or to rules.
    Eg: We have the best evidence that dreams are legitimate .
  • Determined: having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.
    Eg: The fixed path must be determined by the guide of the traveller .
  • Disciplined: showing a controlled form of behaviour or way of working.
    Eg: He is more disciplined than his elder brother.
  • acceptable income : both earned income from wages, salary, tips, and self-employment and unearned income
    Eg: He has only acceptable income in his whole family.
  • perfectly understandable: capable of being understood; comprehensible.
    Eg: The novel was perfectly understandable from the first page .
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