How to Use Hefei Connect

Hefei Connect is an open social network platform in Hefei allowing everyone to freely connect with other members. Feel free to enjoy these features

Join WeChat Groups

If you are in Hefei, send a request to join one of our WeChat groups.

Click here to send a request

Ask Questions

You can use the WeChat group to ask questions and seek help from other Expats. Hefei Connect also provides Expat consultation.

Click here to consult

Posting ADs (Job, Event, Sales etc.)

To post an AD, first publish it on Hefei Connect and then wait for Admin approval. You can then send the approved AD along single picture and description to our WeChat groups. Do not post unverified ADs to avoid being removed and ban from Hefei Connect platforms

Click here to post an AD


Contact Hefei Connect for other issues not mentioned

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