Watch Out! Hospital Injects Child with Expired Medication

Watch Out! Hospital Injects Child with Expired Medication

On July 22nd last year , Ms. Li, residing in Heze, Shandong Province, shared a video alleging that her 11-month-old child received intravenous treatment at the Heze Medical College Affiliated Hospital with medication that was almost 8 months past its expiration date.

The medication in question was identified as “Pediatric Electrolyte Replacement Solution,” produced on December 14, 2018, with an expiration date of December 13, 2020.According to Ms. Li’s video, the hospital staff injected the child with the expired medication, which raised concerns about medical safety practices.

Despite the administration of expired medication, the hospital claimed that no adverse reactions had been observed in the child since the incident.

However, two nurses involved in administering the treatment were suspended pending further investigation.The incident has prompted broader questions about medical safety protocols and oversight in healthcare facilities.

Similar occurrences have been reported in other regions, suggesting systemic issues that require comprehensive investigation and rectification to ensure patient safety and uphold professional standards in healthcare delivery.

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