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“Heifei Launches First Hydrogen-Powered Bus Route, Paving the Way for Sustainable Transit”

Heifei city has inaugurated its first hydrogen fuel cell bus route, marking a significant step in its demonstration project to promote hydrogen energy development.

This initiative involves collaboration with local enterprises, utilizing cutting-edge domestic hydrogen fuel cell technology. Heifei is actively seizing opportunities presented by the “dual-carbon” strategy, emphasizing the high-quality development of new energy sources.The city is strategically advancing its focus on hydrogen energy, considering it a crucial component of the future energy system.

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To achieve this, Heifei has concentrated on the entire hydrogen energy chain, including production, storage, transportation, and utilization. A comprehensive plan has been devised, prioritizing the initial concentration on the transportation sector. The launch of a hydrogen fuel cell bus demonstration project, with an initial fleet of 23 buses out of a planned total of 100, is a significant part of this strategy.

Looking ahead, Heifei aims to explore and develop hydrogen energy applications in various sectors such as cold chain logistics, waterborne vessels, and energy storage stations. This approach is designed to create a favorable environment for the growth of the hydrogen energy industry.

In terms of infrastructure and technological capabilities, Heifei has made considerable progress. The city has established five hydrogen energy innovation platforms at or above the provincial and ministerial levels.

These platforms are instrumental in advancing critical core technologies, including hydrogen production, storage equipment, and testing, positioning Heifei as a leader in these domains on a national scale.Furthermore, Heifei is in the planning stages for a 200-acre hydrogen energy industrial park.

Currently, the city has successfully attracted over 30 upstream and downstream enterprises in the hydrogen energy sector to this initiative. Overall, Heifei’s comprehensive approach and strategic investments underscore its commitment to becoming a hub for hydrogen energy development.

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