Hefei’s New Airport to Go Operational By Year End

Feidong Bailong Airport is located in Shuangmiao Village, Bailong Town, Feidong County, Hefei City. It’s about 15.5 kilometers away from the North Ring City Expressway, 26 kilometers from the urban area of Feidong County, and about 39.5 kilometers away from Hefei City.

The airport is positioned as a general airport of class A1, which will mainly be used for short-distance cargo and mail transportation, emergency rescue, agriculture, and forestry operations, custody sales, sightseeing tourism, flight training, aircraft (unmanned aerial vehicle) research, and development and test flight, etc.
Any thoughts on this?x

It is understood that Feidong Bailong Airport is a key project that will play a positive role in improving the service function of Anhui Province’s comprehensive transportation system, promoting the development and opening up of Feidong’s tourism industry, and will become a new benchmark for the integration of Anhui Province’s flagship

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