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Did you know that, despite the fact that expats often earn way more than locals, legally there is no difference in terms of minimum wage between them? This means that even though Expats may be able to command higher salaries, they are still subject to the same legal minimum wage requirements as locals.

So What’s the Current Minimum Wage Standard in Hefei ?

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As from March this year ,the minimum wage in urban areas of Hefei is 2060 yuan per month and 21 yuan per hour for part-time work. The counties’ minimum wage is 1870 yuan per month and 19 yuan per hour for part-time work.

This shows that the government of Hefei has taken into account local economic conditions when setting the minimum wage. It also demonstrates their commitment to providing a fair living wage to all citizens, regardless of where they live or their job type.

  • Region:Yaohai District, Shushan District, Luyang District, Baohe District, Jingkai District, High-tech Zone, New Station District: 2060 yuan/month and 21 yuan/hour
  • Category II : Feidong County, Feixi County, Changfeng County, Lujiang County, Chaohu City: 1870 yuan/month and 19 yuan/hour


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