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Hefei Woman attempts to jump off Bridge twice in 2days

Yesterday morning at about 9:00, firefighters in Hefei stopped a 40-year-old woman from jumping off a bridge after her first failed attempt . According to the fire department, the woman was seen at there same spot at noon the previous day ,attempting  to jump . For some unknown reasons ,she later decided to give up her plans , came down the bridge by herself  and walked pass bystanders and security agents without altering a single word .

Surprisingly ,she returned the next morning to there same spot looking more determined to make her move . By the time firefighters arrived, she was already sitting on the edge of the bridge and kept shouting, “If you come closer , I’ll jump down right away.”

Firefighters  immediately divided into two groups, one laid a life-saving mat under the bridge, while the  other tried persuading her to get off the bridge  . After about half an hour of unsuccessful persuasion  , the rescue agents succeeded in diverting her attention towards a nearby waiting ambulance , and immediately grabbed her .She was taken off the bridge and  handed over to the police .

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