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Hefei Will Build 30 New Urban Reading Spaces This Year


The site selection of urban reading spaces will be completed by the end of March; the bidding will end at the end of July; October will see the completion of the project, according the Notice on Implementing the Construction of Urban Reading Spaces in 2019 released by Hefei Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau. The schedule and plan this year have been set for the construction of new urban reading spaces.

The Notice requires that the construction should be implemented based on the Government Work Report and the Implementation Plans for Construction of Hefei Urban Reading Spaces, to build 30 new urban reading spaces in the whole city in 2019.

According to the Notice, these urban reading spaces include 4 in Yaohai District, 3 in Xinzhan District, 4 in Luyang District, 4 in Shushan District, 3 in Hefei Economical & Technological Development Zone, 3 in Hefei National High-tech Industry Development Zone, and 4 in Baohe District. Moreover, Feidong County, Feixi County, Changfeng County, Lujiang County and Chaohu, each of them has one respectively.

In terms of site selection and layout, according to the requirements of creating a “15-minute reading circle”, in principle, there should be no more than one street (community), and each reading space should cover no less than 500 square meters and comply with the relevant regulations on safety work.

As the urban reading space is an important part of the public cultural service system of Hefei in 2019, its construction has been included into the annual goals. According to the relevant principal of Hefei Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, it will carefully summarize the experience in the construction of urban reading spaces in 2018, coordinate the departments of culture, state-owned assets, construction and finance, and prepare for scheme formulation, layout and site selection, design and construction, and capital guarantee, so as to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of construction.

(Translated by Ding Yunyun and proofread by Zhang Nan)

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