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Hefei University to be Establish this Year

On December 30, 2022, the second session of the 17th People’s Congress of Hefei City was held to clarify the development blueprint of Hefei in 2023. Among them, Hefei College will be upgraded to Hefei University.

Hefei College was founded by Zheng Rui, then Secretary of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee, and Mr. Yang Chengzong, Vice President of the University of Science and Technology of China in March 2002. Since its establishment, Hefei College has made great progress and its excellent comprehensive strength has laid a solid foundation for a name change to Hefei University”.

“As the capital city of Anhui Province, Hefei is developing rapidly and needs a university named after the city.” In 2017, Hefei established a construction leading group to prepare for the establishment of “Hefei University”.

In 2018, the school as a whole entered the first batch of second-level enrollment in Anhui Province and was approved as a master’s degree awarding unit.

According to media reports, Hefei College currently has 55 undergraduate majors, involving 7 first-level disciplines such as engineering, economics, management, literature, science, education and art. The university will take the establishment of “Hefei University” as an opportunity to further optimize the structure of undergraduate majors and create a number of professional group chains in line with regional social development.

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