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Hefei to Build an International Flower Expo Park


The reporter learned from Nangang Town, Shushan District on March 27 that Hefei West International Flower Expo Park has entered in an official agreement. It will become a “museum” of popular flowers to showcase thousands of varieties, and tourists there can eat the blooming Chinese rose after picking it with a quick rinse, and meanwhile, they can experience the fun of making rose essential oil and flower cakes. Located near Zhengdaying in the town, the project covers a total area of about 1,100 mu and the first phase will be completed in two or three years. The park can offer citizens various characteristic flowers and derivative products in the future.

As the relevant principal has introduced, it is planned to build an export base for Chinese rose during the first phase of construction. And the Chinese rose cultivated in the base belongs to high-end flower varieties. The petal of the blooming Chinese rose, after a quick rinse, is edible, and it can be also applied on the face.

Under the cooperation of Canada, the project will gather scientific research personnel of both parties, to establish China-Canada High-Tech Agriculture Demonstration Park and Innovation Institute of Canadian Flower Industry. In addition to the flower market, green logistics center, there are also flower-themed experience stores and flower-related professional and technical training. “In the future, citizens can visit here to make flower-related snacks such as special agricultural products and flower cakes, and they can also experience aromatherapy of floral essential oils, so as to discover the charm of flowers through various senses such as vision, smell and taste,” the relevant principal introduced.

Cooperating with domestic alliances, associations and institutions in the flower industry in the technology research and development, the project has also applied genetic technology and clone technology, cultivating lots of famous flowers.

“Building a flower exhibition center has been also listed into our plan. Covering more than 1,000 varieties, it seems to be a museum of flowers. The center will regularly display the new varieties, which visitors can see before their launch on the market,” the relevant principal introduced.

Furthermore, there will be a horticultural maker space and a farmers’ cooperation of the flower industry, so as to take advantages of the site, resources and markets, to provide an exhibition space for flower lovers, and to drive farmers in surrounding areas to achieve economic development in the industry.

In addition to agriculture science and technology, the project will also focus on the development of agriculture-tourism integration, including the rural cultural stage centered on the exhibition of oriental and local dramas, the Shushan Oriental Balckpool Art Gallery of the invited Oriental Blackpool Dance and Music Art, the cultural theme park for Canada ecological agriculture, as well as the open cinema, drive-in cinema and wedding-themed square.

According to information, the project covers three phase. The first phase aims to build the export base for Chinese rose, flower research institute, China-Canada High-Tech Agriculture Demonstration Park, the cultural theme park for Canada ecological agriculture, etc. The initial results are expected to be made in one year, and the whole phase will be completed in two to three years. The flower market, garden stage, famous flower exhibition center and horticultural maker space will be placed in the second and third phases.

(Translated by Ding Yunyun and proofread by Zhang Nan)

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