How can passengers travel conveniently at the station?

Hefei High-speed Railway South Station issued a reminder.

What transfer methods are available for passengers after arriving at the station?

Arrival floor: In the signage in the hall of the arrival floor, there are directions for online car-hailing, taxis, subways, and buses. Hefei South Railway Station currently has 7 transportation modes: subway, taxi, airport bus, bus, online car-hailing, social vehicle, and long-distance bus. The traffic transfer is convenient, and passengers can choose to leave the station quickly according to their own needs.

Online car-hailing: There is a dedicated online car-hailing boarding point in the P4 parking lot of the South Railway Station, with 461 parking spaces.

Taxi: After exiting the station, passengers can follow the guidance signs in the arrival hall to take a taxi at the taxi stand. The taxi boarding point is at the west exit of the arrival hall, and there are 3 channels and 6 boarding points.

Departure Hall: Passengers who transfer to Hefei airport from the South Station can follow the signs to the airport departure hall in the West Transfer Hall which is on the same floor as the arrival hall. Passengers are guided by signs when they leave the station, and they can walk for 3 minutes from the farthest exit to reach the departure hall. It is worth noting that the air-rail express line is opened every day from 06:30 to 20:30 in the terminal hall, and the trains are cyclically dispatched every half an hour.

How to easily pick up someone?

Parking lot: At present, there are 4 parking lots open at South High Speed ​​Rail Station, among which P1, P2, and P3 parking lots are social parking lots, with a total of 1,566 parking spaces.

Subway: Hefei South Station is connected to Hefei Metro Line 1, Line 4, and Line 5. You can take the subway directly to the exit on the arrival floor of South Station to pick up someone .

How to get in and out of the underground garage?

You can drive from Longchuan Road to the P1 parking lot of Hefei South Railway Station. It is worth noting that the parking lot has 2 entrances and 3 exits. You can walk a few hundred meters through the parking lot to reach the arrival floor of the station directly, or you can take the elevator to the waiting room lobby and drop-off platform.

How to find the bathroom?

There are 9 toilets on the arrival floor of Hefei South Railway Station, including 1 toilet on the north and south sides of the hall, 1 toilet on the north and south sides of the east transfer hall, 1 toilet on the south of the west transfer hall, and 1 toilet on the east and west sides of the north transfer hall. There is 1 car boarding point and 1 taxi storage yard. Passengers can easily find the restroom according to the guide instructions. There is also a volunteer service desk on the arrival floor of the station, and passengers can consult the volunteers on site if they have any questions.

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