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With online consultation , our assistant will take time to properly check and give you a detailed information of what you need through WeChat . We charge 88 Yuan for this service irrespective of the information needed.

With our offline information, you come to our center for a face-to-face chat with our foreign Expat. This can help you understand your issue better and answer your question properly. We charge 100Yuan for this service

14 thoughts on “Ask Hefei Connect”
  1. wishing to all of you the new rabbit year.may the new year bring lot of success and good health.be safe and healthy.

  2. What does one do if a company or place of getting services refuses to accept cash Chinese Yuan as payment ?

  3. Hello. I’m looking for a house in Hefei near Anhui medical university or USTc . is there any nice agent whi can help me to find good house???

  4. Hola, alguien sabe si hay algo especial para celebrar el Lantern Festival? Donde a Que hora?
    Muchas gracias

  5. Hello, If possible pls could you share a guide how foreigner’s can make an appointment in Hefei hospitals. such as Mini program or Website.

    1. Usually you can just go there and make an appointment on the machine on the ground floor of the hospital. You should be able to see a doctor on the same day. I never made any appointments before.

    2. The process of seeing a doctor in Hefei is quite simple with the only problem being language barrier and knowledge on which hospital to choose . Once you get to the hospital , you will register at the front desk and get a number to see the doctor . It’s good to go with a local as some operations require you to use machines which are all in Chinese . We ll try to get an article on this topic

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