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Hefei! Security Guard Drags Female Delivery Person, Throws Her Out After Several Meters

On January 17th, in Hefei, Anhui, a netizen posted about a security guard dragging a female resident for several meters and throwing her out of the community. Subsequently, the property management claimed to have reported the incident to the police, and the local police station stated that they have received the report and are handling the matter.

On January 18th, the Housing Security and Property Management Bureau of Hefei issued a statement, revealing that on January 17, 2024, during the service process in the Binhu Jinmao Yue community by China National Chemical Corporation Jinmao Property Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., an outsourced security personnel mishandled the entry of an external delivery person, leading to a dispute.

The incident involved dragging the outsider and caused a serious negative social impact, exposing the inadequate supervision of the service outsourcing unit by the company. After deliberation, the company was given a red card warning, publicly reported citywide, and ordered to transfer the project manager, Zhang Lijiao, out of the position.

The announcement urged all property service enterprises in the city to learn from this incident, enhance employee and outsourced personnel education and management, correct service attitudes, and improve property service standards.

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