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Hefei Schools to Resume Offline Teaching Next Monday

Hefei Schools to Resume Offline Teaching Next Monday

Information from the Hefei Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command this morning shows that on November 1, 8.752 million people were sampled and tested in Hefei, and the results were all negative, and there have been no new cases for 3 consecutive days.

In order to ensure the safety and health of primary and secondary school students, Hefei plans to resume offline teaching in an orderly manner next Monday.

It is understood that because the third grade of high school mostly adopts the accommodation system, which is convenient for closed-loop management, the orderly resumption of offline teaching will start with the third grade of high school, and then quickly extend to other grades and kindergartens step by step.

Disease control experts will fully judge the social nucleic acid testing situation in the next few days, and if the good situation of epidemic prevention and control is further consolidated, the resumption is expected to gradually be completed next week.


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