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Hefei Says be Patient, Less Demanding, More tolerant to Delivery Riders

The Hefei Market Supervision Administration has issued an initiative, urging society to better understand and care for food delivery riders. These riders tirelessly provide efficient, convenient, high-quality, and safe delivery services, especially during cold weather and an increase in orders, which may lead to delays and slightly cold meals.

The initiative encourages people to be patient, less demanding, more tolerant, and to avoid negative reviews and complaints. It advocates for placing orders in advance, waiting patiently, and offering more understanding and consideration to food delivery riders.

The initiative also emphasizes that a smile, a “thank you,” or a “five-star review” are significant affirmations and support for food delivery riders. Additionally, the Market Supervision Administration calls on businesses, merchants, and social organizations with the means to join the effort in caring for food delivery riders, providing assistance and support.

Currently, Hefei has established 702 “Rest Stops” at various locations, offering riders a place to rest, access drinking water, and charge their devices.

Furthermore, the administration suggests that individuals who are currently not working or have leisure time and are in good health consider joining the ranks of food delivery riders, particularly during the cold winter, to bring warmth to countless households.

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