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Hefei Metro Line 5 Tis Complete ; Join the Test Ride

After three days of strict review, the northern section of Hefei Rail Transit Line 5 successfully passed the preliminary pre-operation safety assessment, and the rail group will organize a test ride activity to welcome the general public.

Test ride time

December 19 (Mon) – 21 (Wed), 2022

Daily 6:00-20:00

Test range

The northern section of Line 5 is the East District of University of Science and Technology of China, Daoxiang Lou, Sanxiaokou (part of Line 5), Xinghua Park, Haitang (part of Line 5), North Wulijing , Linghu Park, Liuzhong Linghu Campus and Jiqiao Road. There are 9 stations in total.

Special reminder: Lingdayang, Xiuning Road, the Third Municipal Hospital, Baishuiba and the southern section of Line 5 did not participate in the test ride activity, and Sanxiaokou and Haitang only partially participated in the test ride activity of Line 5.

Test RideTicket

1. December 19 (Monday) – December 20 (Tuesday): No test ride ticket is required when entering the station, all the entry gates are opened, and passengers enter the station directly after passing the security check; When leaving, passengers leave through the green channel. There is no limit to the number of rides during the test.

2. December 21 (Wednesday): The test ride needs to check tickets or scan the QR code to enter and exit the station (the QR code includes the Hefei rail APP ride code, Alipay subway ride code, WeChat subway ride code, no deduction during the test ride), passengers using the test ride ticket, one person, one coupon (an adult holding the coupon can bring two children under 1.3 meters for the test ride), enter and exit through the green channel of the station, unlimited times, no need to recover when exiting, no need to replace loss tickets.

Entrance and exit openings during the test ride

The actual opening of the entrance and exit depends on the site during the test ride.

Test ride considerations

1) During the test ride, the rail transit barrier-free facilities will not be put into use temporarily, and passengers with reduced mobility are recommended to participate in the test ride activity accompanied by their families.

2) It is strictly forbidden to bring pets, flammable and explosive and other dangerous items into the station.

3) Please do not bring items with a length of more than 1.6 meters, a volume of more than 0.15 cubic meters, or a sum of length, width and height of more than 1.8 meters.

4) Do not write, depict, post or hang objects without authorization.

5) Do not smoke, make fires, spit, defecate, spit gum scraps, litter fruit peels, paper scraps, packaging, etc. in stations and carriages.

6) When waiting at the platform, please stand outside the yellow line and wait for the door to open, get off first and then get on the train; Do not forcibly get on and off the bus; Do not forcibly pull or knock on platform doors and train doors, or obstruct their normal opening and closing; Do not activate firefighting and emergency parking equipment at will.

7) Other violations of urban rail transit operation management and environmental sanitation management regulations are prohibited.

8) Please follow the instructions of the station staff and contact the station staff if you need assistance.

If you need help during the test ride, you can contact the station staff or call the Hefei Rail Supervision Service Hotline 0551-62076666.

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