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Hefei Metro Line 3 Progress

Workers of the Metro Line 3 project are currently racing to complete the installation of electrical systems and the decoration of the stations. The line is expected to start trail operation before the end of the year in #Hefei.

There will be 270 carriages of 45 trains on the whole line. Each train is able to carry a total of 2,054 passengers, with a maximum running speed of 80 km/h and an average travel speed of no less than 37 km/h.

The line’s signal system is capable of automatically adjusting the speed of the vehicle and avoiding accidents according to the circuit conditions and the distance between the front and rear vehicles.

In addition, Metro Line 3 also features dynamic maps with 37-inch color LCD display screens above the doors, which is more eye-catching than the devices in the city’s other two lines, providing passengers with station information at any time. The air conditioning system is also equipped with an advanced light plasma air purification device, which can effectively kill viruses and bacteria.

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