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Hefei Metro Closing Hours Extended to 1am

Hefei Metro Closing Hours Extended to 1am

Hefei Rail has taken a series of measures such as extending the operation time, shortening the peak driving interval, and extending the peak hours to ensure the smooth and orderly transportation and convenient travel of people during the Dragon Boat Festival.

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The peak time of the night before the Dragon Boat Festival will be extended by 3 hours

On June 21st, the evening peak hours of each operating line will be adjusted from 17:00 to 19:00 in the afternoon to 15:00 to 20:00, extending by 3 hours; The morning peak period remains unchanged from 7 to 9.

In order to facilitate public passengers’ travel on holidays, the peak crossing interval of Line 4 and Line 5 on Dragon Boat Festival has been adjusted from the current 10 minutes to 8 minutes, with the peak interval unchanged.

Delayed operation for 4 consecutive days until 1am

From June 21st to 24th, the last train time for each line will be extended to 1:00 the next day. Considering that the peak passenger flow period is after 23:00, in response to the national call for energy conservation and consumption reduction, while maximizing the protection of citizens’ travel needs, each route is separated by 12 minutes from 23:00 to 1am the next day.

Flexible addition of backup trains

During the Dragon Boat Festival, Hefei Rail will further optimize the network spare train plan by increasing the number of spares in the network and adjusting the storage location . At the same time, according to the actual passenger flow situation of stations, flexibly increase backup trains, enhance network transportation capacity, and alleviate passenger flow pressure.

Kind reminder: Please plan your itinerary in advance, reserve enough travel time, and try to avoid peak travel as much as possible. During the operation service period, when the passenger flow is extremely high, in order to ensure operational order and passenger safety, relevant stations will take temporary adjustment measures such as flow restriction and setting up guardrails according to the actual situation to guide the direction of passenger flow. At that time, please follow the guidance of the staff or instructions to enter and exit stations and board trains in an orderly manner.

Please actively cooperate with the security inspection work when entering the station. It is strictly prohibited to carry flammable and explosive materials on rail transit. It is recommended that elderly passengers and those with limited mobility take trains with the company of family or friends as much as possible. If you need help, please call the service hotline 0551-62076666 or seek help from on-site staff.


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