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Hefei Metro: 2 Stations Resume, 18 Still Closed

18 Stations that were suspended during the initial period of the epidermic continue to be temporarily closed. Two stations (Dadongmen Station and Fangmiao Station) are now open, and passengers can transfer normally but are not allowed to enter and exit the station.

The stops are as follows:

  • Changhuai Station and Mingguang Road Station of Line 1;
  • Line 2: 30bu Station, Wanggang Station, Longgang Station, Dongshimbu Station, Caochong Station, Dongqili Station, Dongwulijing Station, Sanlijie Station;
  • Line 3 Huainan Road Station, Yalinchong Station, Zhusitan Station, Douqiaowan Station, Second Affiliated Hospital Station of Anyi University;
  • Tangqiao Station, Dongqili Station and Zhantang Station of Line 4.


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