Hefei Issues New Rule – Takeaway MUST be Sealed

From November 1, 2022, Hefei will implement new regulations on the management of online catering takeaway delivery

According to the new regulations, takeaway food must be sealed with a safety seal or similar function that cannot be restored after opening, and if the seal is damaged, the consumer has the right to refuse the food

Where the seal is not in accordance with the regulations, it shall be ordered to make corrections and may be fined between 50 and 500 yuan; At the same time, it is stipulated that the delivery personnel should regularly clean and disinfect delivery containers, and shall not store toxic and harmful substances in the delivery container; In the delivery process, if the standard of the seal is not guaranteed, the takeaway food contaminated, or the packaging of the takeaway intentionally damaged , it shall constitute an act of violating the administration of public security, the public security organ shall punish according to law

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