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Hefei Issues “16 Musts” On Epidemic Prevention and Control

Hefei Issues “16 Musts” On Epidemic Prevention and Control

1. Any place or testing agency that discovers an abnormal situation shall not delay, omit or even conceal the report for any reason.

2. For government service halls, financial units, logistics parks, logistics enterprises, supermarkets, hotels and other units, it is necessary to continue to implement the measures of ” managing people without shutting down and strive to ensure normal operation.

3. Fully implement the “five strict prohibitions” of transportation and continue to block the virus importation from freight logistics and passenger transportation.

4. For patients coming to Hefei from risk areas, medical treatment should be provided according to the needs of patients, centralized isolation shall not be compulsorily implemented, and no medical institution shall refuse treatment.

5. For people isolated at home, use technical tools such as door sensors to strengthen door-to-door services, and must not attach seals, locks, welded doors, etc.

6. Lower grade primary school students are not allowed to be isolated alone, must be accompanied by their parents, and in principle, they should be isolated at home.

7. If the community is to be strengthened, the fire escape must not be occupied, blocked, or closed.

8. If it is really necessary to take lockdown measures, they should be accurately delineated, promptly closed and resolved, and the closed area should not be arbitrarily expanded or the closure time extended.

9. If control units and buildings must be closed, materials needed for daily life should be in place and in a timely manner.

10. In order to improve the quality of environmental disinfectant, it must not be sprayed to damage public and private items.

11. “One enterprise, one policy” must formulate an epidemic prevention and control plan, and must not arbitrarily require enterprises to stop work and production.

12. All pharmacies in the city must register and upload information with the real names of those who purchase “five types of drugs” such as fever, cough, antivirus, antibiotics, and colds. Clinics shall not receive fever patients in violation of regulations, and abnormalities should be reported immediately.

13. Rural closure areas should be accurately controlled, and farmers should not be prevented from cultivating or restricted from the passage of agricultural machinery.

14. Those who deliberately conceal their itinerary or evade inspection, causing the spread of the epidemic, must be investigated for responsibility in accordance with the law.

15. Without the approval of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention Headquarters, all kinds of large-scale gathering meetings, trainings and other activities at all levels of the city must not be held.

16. Cadres and workers of party and government organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels in the city, including associations and other units, should not leave the city in the near future if not necessary.

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