Hefei Holiday Schedule for Schools , No Exams this Semester

At present, Hefei primary and secondary schools are still taking classes online, and with the announcement of the winter vacation schedule in some cities in Anhui, parents and students in Hefei are also beginning to worry about when winter vacation will start and how to arrange this year’s final exams.

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It is reported that winter vacation for grades 3 to 8 in Hefei will begin after the New Year’s Day holiday. The third year of junior high school will have winter break on January 9. Schools will not schedule final exams for this semester .

Kindergarten, first and second-grade holidays already began on December 19. Students in grades 3 through 8 who are still taking classes online will continue online classes until the end of the week and go straight into winter break after the New Year’s Day holiday. The winter break for the third year of junior high and senior year begins on January 9. The most recent was a junior year of high school, and winter break was on January 14.

This year’s situation is very special, and schools will not organize final exams to reduce the physical and mental pressure of students.

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