Hefei Hilton Hotel Goes Bankrupt , to be Auction on Taobao

Opened in 2007, Hilton Yuanyi is one of the first five-star hotels in Hefei. Recently, it was reported that the Hotel is preparing to hold an auction. Reporters learned that the relevant parties did release the auction announcement of the Yuanyi Hilton Hotel and then withdrew the announcement due to the impact of the epidemic changes, but the hotel’s auction is still advancing as planned.

On December 15, Ali Asset Online issued a bankruptcy auction announcement. According to the announcement, the administrator of Anhui Yuanda Hotel Co., Ltd. will auction the bankruptcy liquidation assets of Anhui Yuanda Hotel Co., Ltd., by online bidding on Taobao from 10 a.m. on January 4, 2023 to 10 a.m. on January 5, 2023 (excluding delays).

The objects of the auction are the buildings and structures of the Hilton Hefei Yuanyi Hotel, No. 198 Shengli Road, Yaohai District, Hefei, and the land, machinery and equipment, electronic equipment, inventory, intangible assets, etc. occupied by them. Among them, hotel buildings: -1 to 26 floors: the certificate area is 87851.46m2, the registration time is 2007, the planned use: commercial services, the land use right area: 20589.85m2.

Guest at the hotel are watching to see if this will affect their stay. However, a receptionist said that the hotel is still in an orderly state, except for Chinese and Western food restaurants and the temporary closure of the administrative building on the 24th floor, room reservations and other services are normal at this stage.

According to data, the Hilton Yuanyi Hotel has 532 luxurious rooms, built by the world-famous architectural design company Bamadana, was once the largest international brand hotel in the Hefei market and was awarded the “Five-Star Tourist Hotel” by the National Tourism Administration in September 2009.


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